Art Director ⋅ Set Decorator ⋅ Production Buyer

Maxwell comes from a background as a sculptor. Trained at central Saint Martins School of Art, he now lives and works in London.

An accomplished designer in light entertainment, fashion editorial & advertising, Maxwell has a collaborative and constructive process and is always ready to jump in. Maxwell works with his team to perfectly craft sets, considerately style props & lead the art department.

Revelling in the opportunity to tell stories, transmit emotions and depict scenarios through objects, maxwell relishes the idea of using colour, texture and placement to challenge an audience and enhance a script.

He has worked on projects featuring: h&m, gucci, burberry, apricot, hunger magazine, converse, Argos, Nederburg Wines, Michael Mcintyre, Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Angelina Jolie & Dame Judy Dench.

Maxwell and his team constantly strive to design sets that are tactile and curious to camera. Their work continually delivers on the brief whilst sticking to budget & realising the clients creative vision.